SBW Wealth Management & Employee Benefits Planning Process

SBW Wealth Management & Employee Benefits Planning Process

We’ve been planning for decades, and during that time, we have found that there are some cornerstone issues that are typically missed in other people’s plans.

The bottom line is that our work comes down to understanding what matters to you, why it matters and what’s the plan to get there. At the surface it’s that simple – but it goes deeper.  One of the real differences in our approach is that we separate what and why things matter, from how to get there. We separate them because they’re different.

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Our process starts by collectively raising our gaze to understand what’s actually important to you, what you want to achieve, what guides your decisions and what will matter in the future. Your plan must respect what’s important to you, your family and your business. We don’t want to know about your financials until we understand what success looks like to you, and we’re not even sure how other firms do plans without clarifying this first.

Only once we’ve developed clarity together do we start to look toward solutions. The next phase of our process involves some important consideration and thinking about potential solutions or paths to your outcomes. This is when decisions are made together on what should be done and how it will be achieved.

From those clear decisions, together we begin implementing the plan so that you start moving toward your results.

Often times, however, this is a place where many plans fail. Movement toward results is not the same as achievement of results. That’s why our process has a critical final phase of managing the results. Confidence flows from consistently checking in against what matters, what’s being done about it, and what progress has taken place.

Unfortunately, too many plans are based on “pain.” While there’s invariably a “pebble in the shoe” that needs to be addressed, our goal isn’t to amplify your pain and then “solve it.” Our intent is very simple – understand what you aspire to, what inspires you, what matters to you – and then build a clear plan that will help you achieve it with confidence.

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