Chris Heaman

Portfolio Manager, Quintessence Wealth

Chris Heaman has over 28 years of experience in the financial industry and has provided clients with discretionary portfolio management services since 2012. Chris draws on his background in sports psychology to guide his approach to investments, recognizing the impact of human behaviour on investment success.

With this insight in mind, Chris designs portfolios that prioritize minimizing downside risk, particularly during turbulent market conditions when behaviour can be negatively impacted. He utilizes institutional tools like those in pension plans to manage volatility and protect clients’ capital from erosion. By implementing this strategy, Chris helps his clients stay the course and remain calm during market turbulence, resulting in a smoother investment journey and a reduced likelihood of panic.

As Chris believes, reducing the opportunity for loss is vital to increasing the probability of growth. With his expertise and innovative approach, Chris strives to help clients achieve their financial goals with confidence and peace of mind.